The greatest potential of people is CREATIVITY.

Our training courses include a school for creativity, innovation and prototyping centers, to encourage people to send signals for change the world. Yes, we cannot change the world, but we can send signals.

The world is constantly changing itself.

The NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION training offer will be a combination of learning transmitted through virtual reality and practical lessons for school experiments.State-of-the-art media technology should give teachers the opportunity to teach students with very interesting and illustrative films up to the 3D Internet. We will establish Hollywood style studios in the Guadalhorce Valley in Malaga at the Andalusia Technology Park. It is also a goal of ours to make all projects visible and transparent by livestream or livecam to anyone who is interested in our activities.


The best teachers in the world, as well as exemplary athletes, deserve to be the real superstars of the world. That is what we are working on.Our prototyping and innovation centers are designed to provide small companies and individuals with the opportunity to implement their creative developments and ideas. In addition to promoting talented people in all areas, funding for startups and innovative inventions is also planned.

The other goals of NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION are the application of the following rights, as established in the United Nations charter:

● Everyone has the right to education. Education must be oriented towards the full self-development and the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It must contribute to understanding, tolerance and friendship among all peoples and all racial or religious groups and promote the work of the United Nations and NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION for peacekeeping. Parents have the right to decide the type of education for their children.

● Everyone has the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to participate in scientific progress and achievements. Everyone has the right to protection of the intellectual and material interests involving the author of works of science, literature or art. We are the first in the world offering a Crypto Patent, therefore we are one step closer to the future.

● Everyone has the right to move freely within a state and to choose their place of residence. Everyone has the right to leave and return to any country, including his own.

● Everyone has the right to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms proclaimed in this Declaration can be fully implemented.

what we do


NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION  will offer new forms of education and personality development to help people enter the next phase of development. Keywords for this: self-transcendence, unity consciousness and potential development.

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Yes, in the last 200 years, school education has been oriented towards discipline and military style, in order to easily direct citizens. In an increasingly globalised world with greater access to information and education this could no make any sense.

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Our traditional school systems are becoming obsoletes, for this our young people are exposed to a world they are wildly unprepared for. This is one reason why we have so many people suffering from depression and anxiety to the fear of not meeting expectations.

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Of course, smartphones also play a significant role today. There is no school performance or wedding today, that is not covered by a sea of smartphones recording and photographing the event from every angle, not unlike celebrities in the past. Today pop stars can no longer give concerts without their performance being fully recorded and uploaded to the internet, from every perspective.

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As early as the 18th century, Jeremy Bentham's "Panopticon" experiment demonstrated how this continuous observation affects what is observed, Michel Foucault coined the term "panoptimus": people under comprehensive observation subconsciously tend to develop conformity. They no longer act by their own nature, but are based on the expectations that their environment might have of them. Young people, with their unspoken poses, who opt for Instagram are daily proof of this.

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NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION e.V is willing to give a properly use to these technologies. The objective has been set to transform the culture of learning and training, as well as the culture of relationships through the use of modern communication technologies, and to convert the resulting networks and their capacity for action into an organization and meta-platform for platforms.

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With the new forms of training, NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION will follow a principle of brain research, how you can not only learn with enthusiasm, but also lead people to happiness and satisfaction. The neurobiologist and brain researcher, Prof. Dr. Gerald Hether, has discovered that there are only two points that make the brain respond with "happiness" and make people happy.

- Prof. Dr. Gerald Hether

1. Being Connected - our students and apprentices will work and learn in small teams (6 + 1). The teams are not made up of an age group, but rather represent each age group. Young people learn from the elderly, and the elderly learn from children.

2. Autonomous Freedom - NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION offers a unique system based on the principles of self-reliance.

Our learning offer gives everyone the opportunity to learn permanently, according to their talent, intelligence and personality.

With the motto:

“From waste to energy and energy to education”
projects supported
1.5 m.
people educated
3 m.
lifes changed
In addition to helping people  self-development,
NAUKA WORLD EDUCATION FOUNDATION is dependent on donations.

All donations are made transparently through Blockchain
technology and for the purposes established in the Association Statutes.

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